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Are you a full time or positional trader? Do you have portfolio of more than 5 lakhs? Do you trade in all segments in equities and commodities? Do you require a personal adviser to assist you in managing your millions of funds in different segments? Do you wants to earn huge amount of money by investing in stock and commodity market, then here is a unique and perfect product for you-we named it “SUPER HNI SERVICE”. It is uniquely designed for High-Class clients who have gigantic and diversified portfolio. 

We provide recommendations or you can say investment opportunities in all segments like stock future, stock option, stock cash, commodities etc. The duration of each recommendation varies from 1 day to 1 week or sometimes 2 week depends on the volatility and range of the market.

We also suggest number of lots to trade in each recommendation. If necessary we may suggest averaging of your position to balance your risk in volatile market conditions. At the first we provide only the entry level and number of lots to trade in each recommendation and then we suggest you to book profits at regular intervals. Initially we do not provide stop loss (don’t worry our analysts keep an eye on every minute fluctuation of the market). In case the trend completely reversed then only we suggest you to close position or give you a proper stop loss but believe us that will cost you only a small amount of money. 

Highlights of the product:

20-25 recommendations will be provided in any segment (stock future, option, cash or commodity)
Entry level and number of lots will be provided
Averaging of position may be suggested to balance your risk 
All recommendations would be of positional nature
Proper follow ups of booking and averaging of positions will be provided 
Profit earned on each recommendation varies from Rs.70000 to 4 lac or more depends on the number of lots or volatility of the stock or commodity

Our Services

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    Crude Oil,Natural Gas


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    For 1 Month